Palm Pre gets webOS 1.4 update

Jonathan Morris
March 1, 2010

Palm Pre users on O2 will now be able to capture, edit and share videos by uploading content to YouTube or Facebook, or sending them conventionally via email or MMS.

Faster Apps

The Calendar, Phone and Email apps are now more reponsive. In the Calendar app, users can now dial a number that appears in the subject of an appointment. In the Email app, users can sort by date, sender and subject, while in the Phone app, the call log offers more options to connect to a contact, such as via SMS.

There is also an option for the LED in the gesture area to light up and pulse if the user has a notification, and more customisation of alert sounds (for example, calendar events) is now possible.

At the end of this month e-commerce capability will be available to Palm’s App Catalog in the UK to bring a range of applications for users to purchase on their Pre.

To give a taste of what is to come, three 3D games from EA Mobile – Need for Speed Undercover, The Sims 3 and Monopoly – are available for users to download for free until March 31st.


To do the update

Palm will automatically notify the phone when the software update is available. Downloading is automatic. To minimise costs, Palm recommends the use of Wi-Fi. If the download does not occur over Wi-Fi within the first 48 hours, a 3G connection will be used instead.

Updating cannot begin if you are connected on a 2G (GSM) network or roaming.


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