One For All Universal Charger review

Jonathan Morris
August 10, 2010

One for All is probably best known for making universal remote controls, so it seems rather apt that it has produced a universal charger for mobile phones (and other gadgets).Last year we were highly impressed with the iDAPT universal desktop charger that could charge up to three devices on a single base, with changeable power tips. iDAPT will soon launch a new base that can charge four devices at once, but we really like the shape of this One For All model.

Built as one long block, which can be wall mounted to free up desk space, you can also charge up to three devices at once, even though there are more slots for the different tips to fit your chosen devices (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Apple, Samsung, LG and micro or mini USB). This is because some devices are charged via sockets on the side, and this can result in overlapping – also a problem for the iDAPT in extreme cases.

The One For All solution also has an LED that illuminates to show when a device is being charged, while supplying power at a high level to allow ‘turbo charging’. When everything is charged, it will automatically power down to save energy.

The changeable tips are well built and fit reassuringly in the charging base, although you should still exercise some care when plugging them into your phone, especially the fiddly connectors that require a bit of careful adjustment. Sadly, there’s no guidance because of the universal nature of the charger, so it can prove quite tricky to line things up, especially compared to using a traditional charging lead.

The only downside? It’s not going to win any style awards.

Rating: 3 out of 5

A clever, space-saving design from a long standing, trusted company

Price £40

Specs Seven charging tips


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