Lenovo Flex 15 hands-on, not very good at Yoga

Jordan O'Brien
September 12, 2013

Lenovo evidently loves things than bend, with the Yoga series proving that obsession, although the Flex 15 now hopes to bring a sense of flexibility to those who might not be able to afford the high price of the Yoga line.

The Flex 15 does have one compromise though, with it only having two modes as opposed to the Yoga’s four, this is because you’re restricted to just a 300 degree angle, rather than the Yoga’s 360 degrees.

The two modes you’re left with are normal laptop mode and stand, which hopes to be the ideal mode for watching videos and consuming media.

The one thing you won’t be able to do with the Flex 15 is to use it as a tablet, given it won’t fold all the way back, although that’s okay given the thing feels like it weighs a ton, despite only weighing around 2.3kg, a whole lot less than a ton.

It does still have a touchscreen, although we wouldn’t go far as to call it an Ultrabook as it isn’t exactly the most powerful laptop we’ve seen, feeling more mid-range.

You do get a choice of Haswell processors though, anywhere up to Intel Core i7, and 1080p displays will be sold as an up-sell option later this year, despite not being on the device we tried out at the show.

The ports available on the device are plentiful at least, with three USB ports, an SD card slot, and a full sized HDMI socket.

We didn’t find ourselves that disappointed with the screen as well, with it looking bright and sharp, although compared next to the new Yoga 2 Pro, you did start

The Flex 15 should go on-sale later this month, with prices starting at around $630.

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