IK Multimedia iKlip Grip Pro Review

Thomas Wellburn
November 15, 2016

 The IK Multimedia iKlip Grip Pro is a great little selfie stick that has the bonus of doubling up as a monopod for stationary work and filming.

We see a lot of smartphone mounts here at What Mobile, so it’s very  rare that one actually catches our eye and impresses us. The iKlip Grip Pro is a brand new product from IK Multimedia, which replaces the standard iKlip Grip that preceded it. Coming in at roughly 60 quid, the product is a sturdy blend of metals and plastics that feels well made when compared to other cheap grips on the market. The handle has a subtle geometric pattern which aids in grip, while the extendable pole is metal and easily strong enough to hold an SLR. Fully extended, the iKlip Grip Pro measures about 60cm in length. This goes down to under 20cm when the product is folded away, making it a very portable stick to carry around.

Looking in the box, you’ll notice that the iKlip Grip Pro is very modular in design. The iKlip mount can easily be unscrewed from the handle and replaced with something entirely different thanks to the 1/4″ UNC thread. This is a standard thread mount which accepts everything from SLRs to field recording devices. The handle itself extends in three stages, allowing for varying levels of height. Integrated into this is a simple locking system which requires an anti-clockwise rotation . We found the unlocking system to be quite fiddly at times as each section of the stick locks and unlocks independently, meaning you’ll sometimes be twisting and turning it several times until things are securely locked/unlocked. That said, it did make the iKlip Grip Pro feel incredibly secure and we never had a worry about the pole suddenly unlocking and retracting back into the handle.

Aside from the mount itself, the iKlip Grip Pro also comes with a remote Bluetooth shutter, which can be attached to the handle or carried around separately. Pairing it to the smartphone was effortless, with my HTC 10 picking it up instantly without any hassle. Once the two are paired, you’ll be able to control the shutter function within the camera application for some wireless snapping. Another cool thing that we liked about the iKlip Grip Pro is how it doubles up as a monopod mount, with the handle separating into three feet. Combine this with the Bluetooth clicker and you’ve got a great tool for group photography scenarios and presenting work.


Cheap and cheerful, the iKlip Grip Pro is a sturdy, well designed smartphone mount that can be used with a variety of equipment thanks to the standard 1/4″ UNC thread.

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