iFrogz Coda Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Thomas Wellburn
June 12, 2017

Product Type: Wireless headphones | Manufacturer: iFrogz | Price: £29.99 | Where to buy: Zagg | [et_social_share]

The iFrogz Coda are a good pair of budget wireless Bluetooth headphones that produce clear audio, albeit a little unexciting.

Taking them out of the box, they have quite an understated design. Comprised mostly of a rubberised matte black plastic, there’s not much to see aside from a subtle iFrogz logo on each earpiece. Each of these features a contrasting gloss black finish, giving a two-tone texture to the cans. Both of the earpieces are extendable, though the mechanism is plastic. This is a little worrisome as it doesn’t feel very strong and could quite easily snap with a bit of force.

Clamping force is just about right, though faux leather pads had a tendency to cook my ears after long periods of use. Since they are on-ear headphones, we also noticed a fair bit of leakage to the outside world. Likewise, we could also hear a lot of background noise ourselves.

Controls reside on the right and, much like the overall design, are finished in a rubberised texture. There’s a volume rocker and Bluetooth pairing button. Underneath is a 3.5mm AUX jack and micro-USB cable. Pairing was very straightforward using the iFrogz Coda and my HTC 10 picked it up straight away.

Considering the price, sound quality is respectable. The Coda headphones have a smooth listening experience, with a noticeable recess in the mid-range. Treble is clear but takes a more reserved approach, never really grabbing you enough to incur excitement. Bass is well controlled but can seem boomy on some material, with a little too much weight overall. Volume levels were impressive even over Bluetooth, with enough drive to get a engrossing listening experience.

The 10 hours of rated battery life is a solid claim that seemed to hold true during our testing. We found that it fell slightly short of that but only because we cranked the volume up to high levels. This seemed to bring the battery life down by a couple of hours.


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