IDAPT Universal Desktop Charger Review

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June 19, 2009

It’s not often we get an accessory in for review that was seemingly made especially for us. The IDAPT range of desktop chargers are a dream come true for anyone that has a range of gadgets all requiring regular top-ups.

Who wants a load of cables hanging around on a desk or the floor, cluttering things up and looking extremely untidy?

The premise is simple; a single unit that can charge two (I2) or three (I3) devices, depending on the model you choose to buy, at the same time. In this way, you only need one plug to go in the wall.

Universal approval

Until we’ve all switched over to using a standard charging socket (see right), there’s going to be a need to support a range of different devices, which is where the IDAPT is one step ahead, coming with a range of interchangeable bases with unique tips that slot into the
main desktop unit. At the press of a button, you can pop them out and swap them with something else. Genius.

Like the many different portable chargers on the market, the IDAPT comes with the most popular tips included in the box – with additional ones available for £6 each.

Tip of perfection

There’s only one tip for each type (e.g. Nokia or Sony Ericsson), so if you’ve got more than one phone from the same manufacturer you’ll need to spend a little more, but it’s not going to prove too expensive.
Once you’ve installed the required charging bases, it’s pretty self-explanatory from then on.

The power supply ensures there’s enough to power to charge all two, or three, connected devices at the same time, which may sound obvious but there are other devices on sale that have multiple tips, but can only charge one or two things at the same time.

The IDAPT isn’t just for mobile phones either, and you’ll find
tips for a Nintendo DS Lite and iPod (or iPhone), as well as optional tips for a PSP, while the mini-USB tip will charge many SatNavs.

With the three device I3 costing  just £35, it’s not even expensive when compared to the cost of buying a single power supply – so getting one is a no-brainer.


Verdict: 5 out of 5
A tidy desk and easy charging makes this a must-have


Price: £25 IDAPT I2 / £35 IDAPT I3

Size/Weight: 169x135x32mm / 285g
AC input 100-230V AC – 50/60Hz
Lead length:
1.6 metres
Plug-in tips:
2 devices (IDAPT I2), 3 devices (IDAPT I3)
Included tips:
Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Mini USB, Nintendo DS Lite, Apple iPod/iPhone
Size of tips: 42x32x28mm
Additional tips:
from £6 each
Black or Silver



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