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Manny Pham
April 26, 2016

Our top Android apps for this week. Apps are the reason why we love our smartphones so much, it’s like having tons of useful little assistants at your beck and call. So why not recruit some new ones to get you through the week!

Disney Gif (Android and iOS)

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.31.56

If you didn’t have a childhood that involved Disney, your childhood wasn’t a complete one. Disney taught generations about love, sacrifice and friendship to this day with excellent showings in the cinema. What better way to show your loved ones what you’ve learned than through a Disney Gif? All your usual suspects are here to express yourself, even the Disney films that didn’t get as much love as The Lion King.

While the content is good the app itself is a bit meh. Quite laggy and poorly optimised, you’ll have to be a bit patient to find the perfect Gif response. We experienced some crashing as well, but thankfully it isn’t app breaking. Currently we found it only works with Facebook Messenger for now, Disney really needs to get this working with other apps. If this could work with WhatsApp it’d no doubt see more users.

Velociraptor – Map Speed Limit (Android only)

Price: Free

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.32.44

Google Maps is an extremely useful app, endlessly getting updates and pretty getting better and better. But there’s one feature that seems to constantly get overlooked and that’s a speedometer. Granted if you’re driving you should know how fast you’re driving and adhering to speed limits. But we’re all human and we make mistakes and that’s where Velociraptor comes in.

Velociraptor overlays itself on Google Maps, informing you of speed limits and warning if you’re teasing the speed limit. we found it to work quite well although at times it can be a bit sketchy. Not everything is perfect and even Google Maps is a testament to that. When making a turn Google Maps span out as if we were doing a 180 degree turn and Velociraptor went primal. But that was a rare occurrence, Velociraptor is a great tool for drivers.

Photobooks (Android and iOS)

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.33.28

Everything is digital now but nothing beats a good old photo album. Nowadays we’re treated to free storage space on Dropbox and Google Drive, which you can easily upload your memories too, forever. But to reiterate its nothing compared to a delicate and sentimental photo album, that you can pull out at Christmas to relieve treasured memories that were on the periphery of your mind.

Photobooks accesses your smartphone’s photo album and lets you seamlessly upload pictures onto a digital photo album. Which you can order and have it sent to you. Photos are high quality with the option of soft and hard covers for the album. Arrange and design, make it truly yours and of course memorable.

Down To Lunch (Android and iOS)

Price: Free

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.34.18

DTL should not be confused with DTF, as that would cause confusion, awkwardness and possibly a burnt bridge (urban dictionary DTF if you need context). DTL wades through endless messaging and constant contact to simply ask which one of your friends are down for lunch. DTL is particularly useful for those with Rachel Green syndrome (the inability to eat alone).

DTL is a simple social media app and you can quite tell it’s in a very infant stage with the poor resolution and non-symmetrical layout. Once you put out your request for lunch, friends who have downloaded DTL will be notified and arrangements can then be made. A great and simple app that just needs a spit shine.

Process Guru (Android only)

Price: Free 

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.34.55

Battery longevity is an issue no matter which smartphone brand you’ve sworn allegiance to. It’s getting better though with fast charge support slowly becoming a staple with flagships and Android updates constantly optimising apps. Still, you can take measures to make sure you’re not left wanting at the end of the day, on that dreaded packed train home.

Process Guru gives a helping hand by ensuring idle apps aren’t consuming all your power in the background. A fresh factory reset gives your device a new lease of life, at the cost of all your apps and data. Thankfully apps like Process Guru stop us from hastily hitting the big red button that shuts down all existence.

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