Barclays Football: App of the Month

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October 4, 2011

With the Premier League season now under way again, it’s no surprise to find a bunch of football apps clamouring for a space on your smartphone home screen. Barclays’ app carries clout, given that the bank is the league’s official sponsor.

That said, we’ve seen plenty of weak sports apps from sponsors in the past, more concerned with promoting their brand than being actually useful or entertaining.

We can’t say that of Barclays Football: it’s very good indeed. Available as a free download for iPhone and Android, it’s one of the better ways to keep in touch with the season as it progresses. For starters, there is live text on match days with scores as they happen, as well as all manner of stats on games, players and teams. You can also browse fixture lists, results and the league table whenever you fancy.

The app’s social features are also impressive. It has its own Facebook Chat feature within the app, so you can chat to friends about football (or, indeed, about anything) without having to switch to the official Facebook application. You can also see what footy subjects are trending on Twitter. We like the ‘cards’ feature, which pops up a full-screen red or yellow card, so you can be the ref. People will be waving their smartphones in pubs as a result, we sense.

Barclays Football also includes an augmented reality feature to find your way to cash points and shops around the 20 Premier League stadiums, although that’s more of a novelty than a genuinely useful feature. A competition section to win match tickets is icing on the cake though. Barclays has done a grand job of providing an app that will live on fans’ phones all season long.

Platform iPhone / Android
Price Free
Developer Barclays

Rating 5/5

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