App Review: Weathercube

Allan Swann
March 6, 2013


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It really doesn’t come much more self-explanatory than this. Weathercube is little more than what you expect, but no more than what you need.

Weathercube is exactly that, a monolithic rotating (and folding) cube that allows you to check the weather where you are (or any other city you add) – with a front page showing conditions, temperature, wind, rainfall, humidity and cloud cover.

The monolithic cube is lovingly rendered in 3D and like the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey (ok, bad example), is incredibly natural to use. All hail Weathercube!

weathercube 2

Weathercube mocks us by tempting us with Australian weather

A quick swipe to the right rotates to the next day (up to a week) – down gives you the hour by hour coverage of the current day and up gives you a simplified 6 day forecast (sunny symbols, cloudy sumbols). Clicking on each aspect of the cube expands the information given.

The two fingered zoom (vertical) opens the box like origami to give you your settings, horizontally allows you to share comments on social media (If your life is that boring…)

So why does it work? It is a nice intuitive flowing 3D interface that looks pretty, is very quick and effective and gives you the information you want instantly. Its design actually feels quite Apple-ish and so fits in well on an iPad or smartphone.

I can’t really see what else you’d want from Weathercube, other than a physical map – but that would kill the design style here. And besides… Weathercube has spoken!

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