App Review: Coach’s Eye – be your own football sportscaster

Alex Walls
May 1, 2013

Coach’s Eye

TechSmith Corporation

£2.99 on Apple iOS and Android

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Coach’s Eye is an app for the sporting inclined and for anyone who has ever wanted to draw copious wiggly lines on a live television screen.

The app aims to help athletes improve their technique by videoing them in action and providing a variety of analysis tools.  These include the ability to draw on your video screen with wiggly lines, circles and straight lines, as well as the more useful (and recent update) side by side comparison with other videos (including stock footage of professional athletes), a frame by frame fly wheel, a slow motion play option and voice over commentary.

I can see this app being genuinely useful for coaches and the dedicated athlete; you’ll be able to see just where the technique is off and by comparing with professionals, how you can improve your game.

It’s also a lot of fun to pretend you’re an American sportscaster highlighting various multi million dollar mistakes in your athlete’s performance “Obviously Wachowski should have stepped to the left, and waggled his left ear twice before executing the spinning back kick to the mascot’s face, John, not after. That’s a classic Rudetski failure right there.”

What Mobile’s attempts worked well in terms of the app (not in terms of my actual throwing prowess) and what is especially useful about the app is that it records your analysis, meaning you can play your thoughts to others.

Speaking of others, there are a variety of useful sharing options, such as YouTube, email and Facebook, and you can choose whether the content can be searched by anyone, or whether only those with a link can view it.

Using the app is very simple – it’s all nicely laid out and fairly self explanatory although there are a bunch of tutorials included with it in case you get lost.

While the app is pretty expensive at £2.99, I can see it being worth this money for professional coaches and athletes; for everyone else, it’ll come down to whether you’ve always wanted to be an American football commentator or not.

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