App Review: Bleacher report ‘ Team Stream

Allan Swann
April 2, 2013

Bleacher report ‘ Team Stream

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If you’re a sportsfan that is focused on a single sport, then you probably tend to stick to the single app. However, if, like me, you follow a variety of sports around the world, then flipping between say, Ultimate Rugby, BBC Sport, ESPN and others can be a pain.

Bleacher Report is an American website that tries to focus on all sports (with a focus on the American, obviously) but has been expanding into football and others. So you can get everything from ice hockey to Formula One, Boxing to Golf. It even has WWE wrestling nonsense.

What the Bleacher Report app does that is quite nice is allow you to pick your teams across a huge variety of sports (and tailor the app to it) and provide a nice slide interface (left to right, like tiles overlapping) of not only BR’s stories, but anything related to your team (including Tweets, other newspapers and videos).

What appeals is that it is quick ‘ the app is a nice piece of coding that is quick (limited only by your internet connection). The critical flaw is its sporting weaknesses ‘ particularly for British audiences ‘ namely, the absence of Cricket and Rugby.

Given the website is basically a news filter, this can’t have been too difficult to add?

As it stands, a great way to keep an eye on your American Football, NHL and NBA for American sports fans (its football coverage is pretty ok too), but limited for our sports.

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