Online Casinos and Mobile Apps: Before You Play

Tessia Wright
July 3, 2020

It’s been a long time coming since the inception of gambling. A lot of changes and innovations have and continue to shape the gambling industry. However, one section of the industry appears to have seen it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The online gambling industry.

When online gambling started, the only way to enjoy this new form of gambling was via a computer. Now, a computer or laptop may be common these days but at the turn of the millennium, these were high-end machines set aside for serious work.

However, technology evolved and within a short time, smartphones broke into the market, and that’s when everything changed. Land-based casinos started launching mobile platforms to tap into the new market where players can access any game any time they want and anywhere they are.

Advantages of Mobile Apps

There’s so much talk about the positives that online mobile gambling has brought in the industry. But what are the specifics of these pros?

Gambler Freedom

Freedom here means accessing any game at any time from the comfort of wherever you may be. Before mobile apps changed the game by offering unmatched convenience, players would have to find a land-based casino closest to their location to enjoy a game or two. The stresses associated with such movement can be draining if not demoralizing at the least.

Thanks to smartphones, players can get in the game from the convenience of their location. All you need is a stable internet connection to either play instantly on the online casino’s platform or download an app to enter a world on online casino games.

Multiple Games on Offer

The biggest reason that led to the development of mobile gambling apps is the games because what’s a platform without the games, right? In most cases, you will find the same number of games on the mobile app as you would on the desktop version.

Every game category is available here; video poker, table games, slots, and live dealer casino games. For the latter, however, you will need a good camera and a stable internet connection. Furthermore, you need to ensure your mobile device is compatible with the app for a smooth gaming experience.

Secure Payment

Imagine this. Walking down some street as you make your way to the nearest land-based casino. In your pocket is a wad of cash, of course, your bankroll, and then the unexpected happens. You get mugged and your precious bankroll disappears. Disheartening!

You can avoid this and much more when gambling online using a mobile app. Technology allows online gamblers to make sure deposits and withdrawals using a wide variety of payment services dependent on your preferred online gambling platform.

Freebies and Goodies

If there’s an industry that understands just how much bonuses and promotions mean to its customers,

it’s got to be the online gambling sector. Everyone wants something for free, even with strings attached, and that’s why you can bet top dollar that you won’t find an online casino without some sort of offer. The convenience that mobile apps bring means that players will opt for mobile gambling, and with almost everyone on the planet owning a smartphone, online casinos had to find a way to lure in this demographic. Bonuses and promotions ticked this box and by offering mobile gamblers some form of freebie for playing using the mobile app.

There are sites out there dedicated to reviewing and reporting on real money casino apps and the best bonuses for (and non-specifically to) mobile players, with some of these freebies and goodies including free spins, welcome bonuses, no-deposit bonuses and VIP programs among others.


While online mobile gambling may come with its perks, there are some disadvantages to consider before diving into this new gambling experience. Take a look at some of the major cons.


Make no mistake. Online gambling or any other online transaction is prone to unauthorize third-party access. Therefore, it’s advisable to take precautionary measures to avoid falling victim to fraudsters. To do this, only download apps from prescribed locations. In most cases, this will be the official casino website. Others will direct you to the official app store for the respective operating systems.

Gambling Addiction

The arrival of advent gaming meant players could access their favourite games around the clock from the comfort of their location. This came with side effects, with the major one being gambling addiction. According to data from the National Problem Gambling Clinic (NPGC), close to a quarter (24%) of the patients with gambling addiction problems from 2012 to 2013. From 2016 to 2017, this figure grew to close to two-thirds (63%).

These are worrying trends that need close monitoring. Fortunately, many online casinos acknowledge this problem and have help services to curb this issue. Some of these services include limiting deposits, self-exclusion either temporary or permanent not forgetting partnering with non-profit organizations for professional counselling on gambling addiction.

Software and Hardware Limitations

On the surface, mobile gambling sounds amazing. However, there are certain limitations attached to this experience. Hardware and software limitations are some of them. The former focuses on issues such as CPU speed, battery life, and screen size. The latter focuses on issues such as the operating system version.

Some devices are better than others, meaning your online mobile gambling experience will vary from one device to another.

Service Interruptions

This will depend on your country of residence because service providers can vary. Therefore, chances are you may encounter difficulties with your internet service provider causing slow internet, and ultimately hitches in your gameplay, especially if you are in a live casino session.

Final Thoughts

Gaming devices are far more superior today than they were 5 years ago or even when online gambling started. With such advancements in technology, the need for dedicated apps is on the rise, allowing gamblers to enjoy the technological capabilities that come with the apps.

Freedom is one of the perks that mobile casino gambling brings to the table and various online casinos continue working around the clock to realize this dream for its customers. With this in mind, online mobile gambling can only get better as technology opens new frontiers such as virtual and augmented reality.

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