How to play mobile slots

Catalin Constantin
June 4, 2020

Slots are among the most popular choices in the gaming industry. Having gained popularity in the traditional casinos, the slots can now be played online. That is due to the increasing development of mobile-friendly apps and games.

Mobile slots are generally more complex and engaging, and the mobile is redefining the online gambling and the gambling experience. There are various types of mobile slots, different gaming buttons, bonuses, and all sorts of features which make this choice the favourite one for the gamblers.

Before starting to play, you need to know where you can play mobile slots. There are many mobile casinos which feature these games. For example, Unibet, which has a mobile application for Pennsylvania. This app has many welcome goodies, like an attractive welcome bonus, regular promotions, welcome offers, and also mobile apps. It features many sorts of casino mobile slots – and some of the most popular too.

In fact, gamblers do tend to follow online the slots they are used to playing at the regular brick and mortar casinos. Going online – and mobile – means casinos are adapting to the Internet rules, which mean a wide range of payment methods and fast withdrawals.

Mobile slots are a great gambling way for beginners because they don’t need experience, practice, or skills. The general technique rule is to press a button to spin the reels.

Then again, you must know that there are different types of bets for the available slots. Also, some other key things to know are the bonus features, the special symbols, the multipliers, the RTP and the variance. The RPT is the Return to Player percentage, which roughly means the average of the amount won for that specific slot, when compared to the stakes. The variance means how are the actual winning trends – either rare big wins, frequent small wins, or something in the middle.

Other important things to know about mobile slots are the bonus rounds, the jackpot symbols and the free spins, but also the paylines, which are the numbers of the lines on the slot machine.

Here are the most important types of mobile slots:

Classic slots

As the name suggests, it follows the traditional setup, relying on simple features and few paylines. They have three reels and use symbols – fruits, luck number 7, poker royals, bells, or other graphics. There are sounds of whirring reels and that “ka-ching” when winning, which make the user really feel like being in a real casino.

Video slots

Video slots have engaging features, like multipliers and free spins, but also specific sound and graphics for each theme. They are basically a graphic representation of a slot machine, but still resemble the classic gameplay.

Progressive slots

The main feature of these slots are the progressive jackpots which can be won. These jackpots keep on growing when gamblers lose, thus adding up to impressive sums. The more the players, the greater the final payout.

There are also other types of mobile slots, as the traditional slots, the free slots, the 3D slots, the 5 reel slots, or the multiline slots.

Now, before really starting to play a mobile slot, you have to know the main most important gaming buttons:

Betthis button allows the player to increase or decrease the bet size, prior to spinning. There is also the Bet Max button, which places the highest possible bet.

Spinlike in the real games, this button enables the turning of the reel. There are slots in which this button is replaced by a Start or a red round button.

Gamble some mobile slots feature this button which enables the player to risk betting all their winnings up until that point.

Autoplay it spins the reels for a certain number of times. In this way, the winning chances are increased, for the same bet. It also helps speeding the game.

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