A Surge For Mobile Gambling

Adam Walker
July 14, 2020

Despite the ongoing pandemic causing many businesses to struggle there have been sectors that have been extremely successful during this lockdown period, and now that many businesses across Europe in particular are starting to reopen again the success is continuing for many online outlets.

There have been a number of changes throughout the pandemic to limit the growth of mobile gambling – the first had been a change to credit card gambling as a recent ban was placed on the availability to do so online, this came alongside changes to different initiatives such as Gamstop which had been launched in 2018 with the aim at reducing participation options for problem players, this has led to a growing number of services registering outside of these regulations to allow for a little wiggle room as Max give a great non gamstop list available to the growing number of players looking for these services.

Another helping factor in this sector has been with the return of major sporting events across the world too – much of the gambling that had been done was largely taking place through online casinos but as major sporting events have either come back fully through European football or look to be on their way back as seen in many major US sporting events, sports betting has also gone a long way to aid in this surge of new players.

The other factor largely being on the changing audience that is now attracted to these games – as casual mobile gaming as a whole has seen an increase it now attracts an audience that has become primarily women over the age of thirty-four, a vast difference from the previous dynamic being centred around young male gamers, and with this increase in casual gaming, audience comes to the increase in services such as mobile gambling which have provided players with a way to possibly earn a little money whilst also not requiring a huge time investment which serves as a big benefit for many of these gamers.

This growth is expected to continue as news of further delays to offline locations continues to remain in question – mostly recently this has been see in Vegas as bars were asked to close again over the weekend as cases within Nevada continued to increase, this has many believing that casinos may be next on the list to close if a big hub like Vegas is forced to close it will lead for many to continue turning to these online alternatives for entertainment. The pandemic is still far from other with many having a much longer journey left than others, it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on travel guidance and health and safety guidelines to ensure you stay as safe as possible, and if you’re looking for a fun and safe alternative you may find a lot of entertainment in the growing number of online alternatives that are capturing the attention of many players still stuck at home.

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