Xiaomi Mi Band 1S with heart sensor for £10

Manny Pham
November 9, 2015

Xiaomi has officially announced the Mi Band 1S which will feature along with the original Mi Band. 

The Mi Band 1S is near identical to the original Mi Band, but will feature a heart sensor. Wearing it around your risk, the new feature will keep track by reading your pulse.

Mi Band 1S is compatible with iOS and Android, there’s an advantage for owners of a Xiaomi phone, as the ability to unlock your smartphone via the wearable is possible. It measures up at 37mm long, 13.6mm wide and 9.9mm deep.

With a 45 mAh battery Xiaomi are boasting a 30 day battery life. The new wearable will launch on November 11th for 99 Yuan, which equates to just above £10. We can expect a slightly higher price from the conversion due to tax.

For more on Xiaomi, visit What Mobile’s dedicated Xiaomi page. 

Via Giz China.

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