Wolfenstein: The New Order & Doom 4 beta get release dates

Saqib Shah
February 20, 2014

Developer Bethesda has today announced that  Wolfenstein: The New Order  has a UK release date of 23 May on  Xbox One,  PS4, PC and older consoles.

The company has also revealed that those who pre-order the game will get exclusive access to Doom beta, consequently confirming that  Doom 4  is very much still in development.

Little else is mentioned about the as yet unannounced Doom game except that those who pre-order Wolfenstein will be given a key code which when entered will then give them access to Doom beta when it launches.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is set in a fantasy version of our world where Nazi Germany won the Second World War using mysteriously advanced technology.

The game takes place in the 60s just as the resistance movement is beginning to gain pace. Your mission is to travel across Europe taking down the Nazi regime.

Bethesda have released a gameplay trailer which you can check out below.

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