Windows Phone 7 update coming in March

Jonathan Morris
February 14, 2011

Microsoft has pushed back the long-awaited update for Windows Phone 7, but added a few new features besides cut & paste.

Before you even begin to think it, no, there’s nothing in the update that has anything to do with the recent partnership with Nokia.

Instead, Microsoft is adding things like Twitter to the platform – in an integrated fashion, like Facebook, instead of being a separate application. This means updates will show in the People Hub instead of a tile on the homescreen.

Copy and paste will finally make an appearance, and the web browser will be enhanced with things like HTML 5 support.

Multitasking will be improved and enhanced, and there will be support for Office documents to be saved on the cloud-based SkyDrive service and accessed through a Windows LIVE account.

The update will begin in the first two weeks of March and be offered to every Windows Phone 7 handset on the market.

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