Wileyfox announces 1 Year FREE Screen Replacement service and extended warranty on all devices

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October 15, 2018

Nearly a third (30 per cent) of all Brits who have cracked their mobile phone screens have never taken their devices for repair, according to the latest research from handset recycling specialist ‘Envirofone’. Wileyfox wants its customers to buck this trend.

As of the 1st October 2018, anyone who purchases a Wileyfox smartphone in the United Kingdom will get a 1 Year FREE Screen Replacement (up to £59.99 in value) for their smartphone in addition to an extended 3 Year Warranty (up from 2 years). Meaning, no more money woes when they drop their device. Henri Salameh, Commercial Director of Wileyfox said “Generally, the first thing that a user breaks on their smartphone is their screen. What we’re saying is that if you’re part of the FOX clan, you’re protected.” Details and terms of the Screen Replacement and Extended Warranty is available for all users to view online at

Henri Salameh added “We’re a well-seasoned tech establishment that aims to please the new foxes and drive the trust and respect of the current ones. We want Wileyfox consumers to purchase with confidence and peace of mind. So, in addition to our regular security patches and software updates, a 1 Year Free Screen Replacement and an extended Warranty to 3 Years, we are also offering all Wileyfox device owners a Free 24/7 Live Chat Support platform accessed from their Wileyfox smartphone. Also, for customers who purchased an out of date Screen Replacement Card BEFORE 1st October 2018, Wileyfox is discounting the full amount of this card against a new purchase of a fully authorised screen replacement service at

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