WATCH: Microsoft’s new ad sees Cortana take on Siri in the battle of the digital assistants

Saqib Shah
July 28, 2014

It seems Samsung is not the only manufacturer taking digs at Apple as part of its publicity campaigns.

Now Microsoft has jumped on the bandwagon, pitting its digital voice assistant for Windows Phone – Cortana – against Apple’s Siri in a new ad.

The clip entitled ‘Happy Anniversary’ sees an Apple iPhone 5S running Siri placed alongside a Nokia Lumia 635 running Cortana on a typically Apple-style white background.

Then we hear a husband asking a series of questions to both digital assistants regarding plans for his wedding anniversary.

As you would expect from a Microsoft ad, Cortana trumps Siri on every count with Windows Phone’s assistant being showcased as the winner when it comes to performing contextually-aware tasks.

Firstly, the husband asks Cortana to remind him to tell his wife happy anniversary the next time she calls. Unsurprisingly, Cortana does as its told. However, when the same question is put to Siri, it’s unable to help.

Next, he asks Cortana to remind him to pick up roses when he is near a flower shop. Once again, Cortana sticks it to Siri by providing help where the other can’t.

Finally, just to add insult to injury, Cortana goes one further by automatically providing the hapless husband with a traffic update for his journey home. Siri is at least gracious in defeat, proclaiming; “now that is a smart phone.”

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has targeted Apple in one of its ads. Last year, the tech giant set its sights on the iPad Air in  a promo clip for its rival slate the Surface 2.

It is thought that Cortana will be hitting these shores in late 2014.


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