WATCH: The first official video guide to using the new QuickCircle smart case on the LG G3

Callum Tennent
May 22, 2014

LG may have not even officially announced the G3, their brand new upcoming flagship smartphone, yet, but they have decided to show off its fancy new smart case.

It’s named the QuickCircle case, because, as you can see, there’s a circle in the middle of it. And it makes your phone quicker to use. So that’s that cleared up. If you’re at all familiar with the HTC One M8’s Dot View case  then the concept won’t be entirely alien to you. You handset knows when the QuickCircle case is wrapped around it, and allows you to use that small circular viewing window to perform all sorts of tasks.

As the video demonstrates, these vary from the fairly basic such as checking the time and reading notifications, to the all together more advanced (and a lot more cool). You can use it as a preview display for taking selfies, can answer calls through it (and then chat to the person calling you thanks to the case’s gaps over the ear and mouthpiece), and control the device’s music player, too.

Not only that, but the case also enables wireless charging for the LG G3. Ordinarily with cases that provide wireless charging they add a significant amount of bulk or extra size to the handset, but the QuickCircle seems to fit around the G3 as snugly as you could imagine, so that’s certainly impressive. It will come in a choice of five colours:  Silk White, Metallic Black, Shine Gold, Indian Pink, and Aqua Mint (phone companies… always with the adjectives).

We’ve not been notified of pricing, which presumably means that it won’t come with the phone. We’ll have a lot more information about the whole package when we head off to the official unveiling of the handset in London on the 27th of May. For now, enjoy the preview video at the top of the page and count down the remaining days until the reveal of what’s looking to be one of the best handsets of the year.


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