WATCH: BioShock iOS launch trailer, buy the game now on App Store

Saqib Shah
August 28, 2014

Just weeks after its first reveal, 2k Games has released its mobile port of BioShock on the App Store.

The game is playable on iOS devices including the iPhone and iPad and will set you back $14.99. There is no word yet on an Android-compatible release.

Bioshock 4

As is usually the case for a powerful console and desktop title, the game has received a graphics downgrade for mobile devices. Early previews also claim that the controls can be a bit unresponsive when battling against multiple enemies.

BioShock was originally released for the Xbox 360 back in 2007 and later appeared on the PlayStation 3 in 2008 and OSX in 2009.

A landmark horror-shooter, BioShock is set in the underwater former utopia known as Rapture. Players assume the role of Jack, who arrives in the city after a plane crash in the Atlantic to find that its been overrun by its psychotic, drug-addicted citizens. Jack must use a election of weapons to battle his way through Rapture to find Andrew Ryan, the madman in control of the city.

The original release was a critical favourite, going on to receive several game of the year accolades.

You can download BioShock for iOS here. Check out more screenshots below:

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