Vodafone releases new firmware for Storm – with new features

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May 7, 2009

> The upgrade to version is available to download by desktop from:


Vodafone has listed the key improvements as:

Multimedia – accelerometer, camera

  • There are a number of improvements to the media player and the Storm’s ability to handle different media formats. For example, customers can now preview music on the internet and, have a much better experience with improved reliability of video playback.
  • The camera is now faster to take and display a picture, has improved resolution and processes an image more quickly. It’s also easier to record video and play it back.
  • It’s now easier to find software downloaded to the memory card, and playing MP3s over the internet has also improved.

Call and microphone quality

  • The sound quality on a call has improved, including when using the speaker phone, voice dialling has also improved, as has the reliability of using mute. Some customers said they saw error messages when sending MMS and SMS, this should no longer happen. Incoming call alerts are now displayed more clearly. Face detection is also now live so that the phone does not trigger the touchscreen when being used to make a call.
  • The signal indicator is now more accurate refection of the signal.
  • Customers will also have a better experience when using the media player with a headset plugged in.
  • There is also now improved reliability when using speed dialing on a call when using a Bluetooth headset and improved reliability for maintaining the connection with the network when disconnecting a Bluetooth car kit.
  • The Call Log icon no longer appears in the applications folder.


  • The touch screen will be more responsive and reliable and is less likely to reset and the LED indicator when charging or switching the phone off is more reliable. The layout for prompts on the screen has been changed so it’s more accurate when a selection is made.
  • The zoom on a webpage is now more responsive. Customers will also see a new ‘Go’ button in the browser to make searching online quicker.
  • Customers will now see an icon to show where the cursor is when writing an SMS, and the accelerometer is quicker to change from landscape to portrait view. There is also an option to choose a full QWERTY keyboard when using the phone in portrait view. Moving from QWERTY to QWERTZ is much smoother.
  • You can also now disable the touch screen when locked to save power


Research In Motion has also confirmed they are working with Vodafone and Verizon to build a second Storm model – with a release likely at the end of summer or early autumn. Details of the ‘Storm 2’ are sketchy, but rumours suggest an improved camera and the inclusion of Wi-Fi (left out after RIM insisted that there had been absolutely no room for the chipset and antenna to fit inside the current Storm model).


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