Vodafone launches new mobile broadband dongle

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November 4, 2008

The addition of storage space certainly solves the problem many laptop users may experience if they’re running low on available USB ports. It will be especially appealing to anyone with a MacBook Air that only got one port to begin with. Considering the stick ships with a 4GB card, we can only assume it fully complies with the microSDHC standard and will therefore allow you to throw in a 8 or 16GB card if you need even more storage.

Following the recent ASA ruling that gave Vodafone a firm rap on the knuckes for making bold claims about their mobile broadband speeds, we were quite amused to see the following written in the press release: “The Stick Pro is 7.2Mbps compatible (NB 7.2Mbps is theoretical speed, average actual speed 1-5Mbps) and boasts upload speeds of 2Mbps (average actual speed of 1Mbps).”. You have to laugh!

At the end of the day, the speed will vary on a range of factors with the main one being the distance from the base station. As you can’t do much about that (unless you move), it’s not worth worrying about – but it’s good that Vodafone is being more open this time around.

The USB Stick Pro will be available via Vodafone online, in retail stores and – if you’re a business customer – through your account manager.

For a limited time, Vodafone will offer the 3GB plan for £10 per month (for the first three months) instead of the usual £15 – on a 24-month contract. The 5GB plan will be offered for £15 per month for three months, reverting to £20 per month for the remaining 21-months. The Stick Pro is free on 18 and 24-month contracts, and from £29 on a one year contract. There are also 30-day plans available.



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