Virgin Mobile lets you text into space

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December 10, 2008

The ‘Texts into Space’ service is designed to let you send your text declarations of love and affection into the ‘unchartered territories of space’ where they will travel through the cosmos for all eternity. This is good, as it will presumably allow plenty of time for, as yet, undiscovered phone networks in distant galaxies to ensure suitable SMS interoperability agreements.

With a gift idea that’s even better than buying a bit of Mars to show your loved one just how much you’re in need of a psychiatric examination (sorry, how much you love them), you can create the message you wish to be transmitted from BT’s Goonhilly earth station in Cornwall by texting it to the Virgin Mobile short code 80995.

For a fee of £9.95, the message recipient gets a formal certificate to show the message was sent via, with details on how to track the message as it travels through time and space. Further email updates will state when the message passes key milestones.

Virgin Mobile’s Tim Dowling said: “We are quite literally over the moon at the thought of millions of wishes and messages of love being texted into space”.

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