Virgin Mobile brings the web for 30p a day

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November 30, 2008

The new 30p daily Internet access offering coincides with the launch of an enhanced mobile web portal that is branded under the Virgin Media name. It offers news, music, video, games and entertainment straight to your phone.

Both prepay and pay monthly subscribers will be able to visit any site and pay less than other networks that can charge three times more.

Virgin conducted research with GfK that showed only 7% of mobile phone users in the UK actually access the web from their phone. Virgin Mobile managing director Graeme Oxby said: “As handsets get smarter and faster, mobile web usage has increased significantly and more customers than ever are using their handset to connect them to the internet when they’re not at home.

“By providing unlimited access at a highly competitive rate, we are giving all our customers the opportunity to use the internet on their phone, without having to worry about racking up huge bills or working out complicated price structures.”

The portal features Yahoo!’s search service, designed specifically for mobile users.

Virgin Mobile has been quick to compare the 30p cost to that of a packet of crisps, but we would quite like to be chomping on some Monster Munch while surfing. Fortunately, with other operators charging £1 a day, that leaves 70p to buy your favourite snack and keep some change left over.

Sadly, Virgin has imposed a 25MB limit on surfing each day. Exceed that and you’ll be charged an eye-watering £2 per megabyte!



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