Virgin Media O2 ‘best network in the UK for combined connectivity experience’

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June 8, 2023

Virgin Media O2 has been named the best network in the UK for combined connectivity experience, according to mobile network benchmarking specialist GWS.

GWS collects data from 17,500 local markets in 25 countries and collects more than 54 million data points collected daily from mobile consumers  For thee statistics it collected data over six months from a panel of 5,200 UK users to represent of the nation’s mobile connectivity.

The order of best connectivity experience were Virgin Media O2 (1), EE/BT (2), Sky Mobile (3), Vodafone (4) and Three (5). According to GWS Virgin Media O2s fastest download speed was more than double than double every other combined providers (138mbps)

The average speed across all combined providers is 82 mbps, with only Virgin Media O2 offering speeds above this said GWS.Three’s placing is interesting as it was voted UK’s fastest network by Ookla while EE is consistently voted best network by Root Metrics

Tests were conducted on Android devices, capturing indoor and outdoor connectivity data. analysing over 143,000 tests for speed and reliability from mobile operators and their MVNO partners. The tests were conducted randomly throughout the week. They measured performance for uploads, downloads, and video streaming on both mobile networks and WiFi.

Paul Carter, CEO of GWS, emphasised the significance of a reliable internet connection for mobile users in today’s world. He highlighted the increasing importance of mobile devices in various aspects of people’s lives, such as work, socializing, and managing daily tasks.

Carter said mobile operators and ISPs must offer top-quality networks and he advises them to understand how individuals are using their phones.

“We see clear trends around how stressed people get when they don’t have a reliable internet connection. Having good connectivity is so important where we just need our phones to work well,. Mobile operators and ISPs need to provide the best networks and need to understand how people are using their phones – or risk getting left behind” he said.

Source: GWS

Source: GWS

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