Virgin Media Business launches mobile data sharing plan

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March 28, 2019

New mobile data sharer plan provides hassle-free flexibility for SMEs

Businesses can use data across multiple devices worry-free in response to changing workloads

Virgin Media Business has launched a new flexible mobile data plan which allows small and medium-sized businesses to buy a company-wide data pool of up to 1,000GB per month and share it across a group of SIM cards.

Customers can choose to take as many SIM cards and devices as they like and use the company-wide data allowance automatically across all of their devices.

Adapting to the changing needs of business, data use on each SIM can flex up or down each month within the overall company allowance providing simple and flexible connectivity on the go without needing to manage multiple contracts with different data allowances.

The plan also offers a high level of control with businesses able to apply individual data caps to ensure employees have the data they need.  Data caps can be set and reviewed each month if desired.

Competitive and flexible pricing means that the plan can be easily be scaled depending on the number of SIMs, data or handsets a business wants. For example, an entrepreneur could take 2 SIMs with a 10GB pool of data from just £25 per month, or a small office looking to keep all staff connected could take 10 SIMs and 100GB of data from as little as £125 per month.

Out of allowance data use charges are capped at just £1 per gigabyte per day, so businesses don’t have to worry about getting disconnected or hit with a hefty bill shock should they exceed the company data allowance.

Rob Orr, Executive Director – Commercial & Marketing, Virgin Media Business, said: “By bringing together the data businesses need, the handsets staff want and the flexibility to automatically share that data as needed, our mobile data sharer plan is making it easier than ever for businesses to keep connected on the go.”

Each SIM comes with all the usual Virgin Media Business mobile perks, such as unlimited UK calls and texts and discounts on Voom Fibre broadband.

Virgin Media Business offers all the latest handsets with no upfront cost and the flexibility to spread the full price over the length of the 24 or 36-month contract.

Virgin Media Business mobile connectivity uses the UK’s fastest 4G mobile network which offers 99% 4G population coverage countrywide and is faster (on average) than Vodafone, Three and O2. Free WiFi is also available at more than 3.5 million hotspots across the UK as well as EU roaming at no extra cost.

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