Using Dealership Live Chat to Create Outstanding Customer Experiences

Michael Adams
August 20, 2019

websites are only as powerful as the software they employ to allow customers to
find great deals. When it comes to vehicles, enhanced marketing applications like
live chat are all the more valuable because they expedite the complicated
development of end-to-end auto sales. Due to applications like live chat, what
was once only possible in the showroom can now occur online.

The Power of Live Chat

At the
heart of the incredible advancement of facilitating online auto sales through
the use of enhanced digital services is a powerful customer interaction tool
called live chat. When you get
the best online car dealer chat
to add to your dealership website, you’ll immediately
introduce a number of invaluable capabilities, including:

  • Responding
    to customers in real time
  • Interactions
    between salespeople and customers
  • Sharing
    photos and video
  • Live
    video calling
  • Instantly
    push new offers to customers

All of these channels will help your team to build better leads faster, resulting in more sales and even facilitating virtual retailing. For customers, the result is a revolution in the satisfaction they experience when navigating your website.

Rethinking the Way
Customers Use Dealership Websites

experience that a new customer has interacting with a dealership online for the
first time can go one of two ways:

  1. They
    find advertisements, links, and menus that they must learn to navigate on their
  2. A
    customer is greeted by a friendly live chat operator who is polite, knowledgeable,
    and ready to answer any questions.

the first option can be cold, confusing and frustrating. All too often, those
who are more familiar with face-to-face transactions will have specific questions about
specific vehicles but cannot find the answers they’re looking for.

On the
other hand, a new generation of clientele is rapidly developing that will find
this simple layout to be outdated and lacking the services they expect from
online retailing experiences. In either of these cases, your new customer will
be all too happy to quickly navigate to a competing website, where they’ll find
the services they’re looking for.

How Live Chat Changes

In both
of the scenarios mentioned above, customers experience problems that can easily
be resolved with live chat. Those who come online to do research on a new
product will find the answers they seek while simultaneously beginning to
develop a deal online that will greatly increase the chances of that sale
coming to fruition with your company. Those seeking an impressive new services
that allow as much of the process of buying a car to occur online will also
find exactly what they’re looking for, increasing the chances that you’ll
successfully gain a loyal new customer.

One of
the most satisfying aspects of the live chat experience occurs when a customer
is immediately greeted upon entering a website. This simple gesture, which is
reminiscent of that familiar experience of meeting with a salesperson on the
showroom floor, can mean everything to a new customer. Contact an online
solutions provider now to find out more about live chat and the other new
services available to auto dealerships.

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