USB charging cables made ultra-thin, fitted onto key rings

Jamie Feltham
November 6, 2013

We know, we know, smartphones and batteries aren’t the best of friends. It’s pretty easy to wear out just about any phone in less than a day, making USB charging cables a man’s best friend. Now the egg heads that take this industry forward have come up with some ultra-thin USB charging cables that could fit to your keys.

These ‘LifeLink’ cables come in three different versions: one in microUSB, one in Lightning, and one in 30-pin. That covers everything from old iPhones to the new versions and most other handsets, then. And don’t worry about keeping them too protected – a Teflon-coasting should keep them sturdy.

They’re available for £15. Not bad for something that will save you space and probably a lot of ‘oh I forgot it’ hassle.

Source: Life Link

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