Two of the biggest games from Nintendo 3DS are headed for mobile

Ben Rayner
April 8, 2015

Mobile gaming has been getting bigger and bigger for some time now, with Nintendo even getting involved through their recent partnership with Japanese mobile developers DeNa.

Now it looks like two of the biggest titles to hit the nintendo 3DS will now be getting sequels exclusively for mobile devices!

Japanese game developer Level-5 announced at their Vision 2015 event that Fantasy Life and Professor Layton will infact be making the jump to mobile devices

At its Vision 2015 event, Japanese game developer Level-5 announced the much-anticipated sequels to two of its most popular series, Fantasy Life and Professor Layton. But they aren’t quite the follow-ups many were anticipating: the new games will be making the jump from the Nintendo 3DS to mobile devices.

While Fantasy Life 2 looks much like its role-playing predecessor, albeit with some serious city building thrown in, Layton 7 looks like a huge departure from its roots. Swapping the puzzle solving and animated cutscenes for what looks to be a card game that has some fortune teller aspects thrown in for good measure.

Both games are slated for a summer release in Japan on iOS and Android. While theres not yet any word on when or if they’ll get a western release, its likely to be in the pipeline considering Level 5 also used Vision as a platform to announce the western release of Yo-Kai, a Pokemon inspired series which has been massively popular in Japan.

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