Four Smartphone Designs Which Give a Glimpse Into The Future

Thomas Wellburn
July 4, 2017

With the new era of bezel-less smartphones now officially on us, What Mobile decided to look at four devices which will usher in this new design shift.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is probably the closest example of what consumers can expect the future to be like… and it’s available right now. A huge screen-to-body ratio and slim profile make it the most sleek handset currently available. The screen curves over the edges of the device which gives it an incredibly modern appearance, at the expense of strength. Make no mistake, the Samsung Galaxy S8 may be the most incredible handset currently available but it also one of the most fragile.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

xiaomi mix mix

The Xiaomi Mi Mix came as a bit of a surprise from the Chinese manufacturer. It’s both a commercially available product and prototype, which Xiaomi designed to show what smartphones may look like in the future. It has the same screen-to-body ratio as the Samsung Galaxy S8, cramming a 6.4 inch screen into a 5.5-inch frame. A unique feature of the Mi Mix is how the screen extends to the very top of the device, with only a small piece of room at the bottom. This is reserved for your fingers and the front camera sensor.

LG V30

LG V30

The LG V30 might not be official but recent leaks suggest it will still be very futuristic. Renders revealed by Twitter aficionado show two touch displays stacked atop each other, with the second acting as a flip-out display.  Another leaked render looks like a cross between the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S8, with a screen that extends to the very top and has a cut-out for the camera sensor in the middle. On the back we can see a dual camera and fingerprint sensor.

Essential Phone

essential phone

Announced by Android creator Andy Rubin, the Essential Phone was an unexpected delight which was showcased yesterday. It features a bezel-less display which stretches to the very top of the device, plus an area on the back for attaching various accessories. It throws in a bunch of powerful hardware including the Snapdragon 835 and can even be used in conjunction with a 360-camera add-on. Rubin says that he hopes the company will be a genuine competitor to Samsung in the near future.

Know any futuristic handsets that we’ve missed or you’d like to include? Sound off in the comments section below!

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