Top 5 apps for iOS

Jordan O'Brien
August 12, 2013

Just got an iOS device and want to know what to download? Don’t worry, we’ve been there, and hopefully we can help you out with the top 5 must-have apps on iOS.

[alert type=alert-blue ]1) IFTTT[/alert]


If you’re sick of how complicated doing the simplest of tasks is, things such as saving your Instagram photos to Dropbox, then IFTTT makes that simpler. The name stands for If This Then That, which literally means if you do one thing, it’ll do another. The app allows you to browse thousands of automated “recipes” or create your own meaning the world is your oyster.

[alert type=alert-blue ]2) Vine[/alert]


If you haven’t heard of Vine, chances are you’ve been living under a rock, as this app has been blowing up and it’s brought to you from the guys behind Twitter. The whole point of Vine is to share little snippets of memories through video, but you’re limited to just 6 seconds of video.

[alert type=alert-blue ]3) Snapchat[/alert]


Snapchat is another app that is taking the world by storm at the moment, it’s purpose it to share images that you may not want the other person to keep. Whilst it’s great in theory and is a lot of fun, some people have used the app for something it wasn’t quite intended for — sharing those more ‘intimate’ moments.

[alert type=alert-blue ]4) Mextures[/alert]


There’s no denying we all love putting filters on our photos these days, just to make a tad more artistic. That said, we’re not all creative types — but why should we have to suffer bad looking photos? That’s where Mextures coming in, using “formulas” from world renowned photographers to add just a little more magic to your photos.

[alert type=alert-blue ]5) Flipboard[/alert]


We all love to consume content, but sometimes it’s a little harder to find all the great content that’s out there on the web — after all there’s millions to choose from. So this is where Flipboard comes in, creating a magazine-like view so you can discover some great articles about things you love.

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