Top 10 Best Accessories for iPhone X

Peter Martel
July 26, 2019

iPhone X is probably the best smartphone available to date. With the features like wireless charging, Face ID recognition, OLED display, and of course, AniEmojis – iPhone X turns out to be a brilliant option among smartphones.

With every new iPhone come to the latest accessories that will enhance the user experience and of course, make it even more exciting.

Today, in this blog, we have jotted down the top 10 best accessories for iPhone X. Read on to find out more, keep scrolling!

1. Wireless Charging Base

There are many wirelesses charging base available in the market. It is a great addition for anyone who owns the iPhone X. The wireless charging base supports all the latest iPhone accessible in the market.

Ensure that you buy the charging base that is compatible with the iPhone. The best part about this charging is that it’s super convenient. For someone who dislikes keeping the phone charged in the plugins can opt for the wireless charging base.

2. AirPods

AirPods have become the best selling accessories for Apple. It connects automatically to the iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and Apple Watch when you take them out from the case.

The AirPods uses the optical sensors as well as motion accelerator that help in detecting when it is in your ears.

The moment you put the AirPods in your ears, the music will start to play and pause when you take them out. To activate the Siri, all you need is to double-tap and turn up the volume or down in changing the music track or call up someone.

3. Power Bank

Whether you are using the iPhone or any other phone, having a power bank becomes necessary. When you are running out of the battery, a fully charged power bank keeps your phone charged.

Sometimes, when you are playing games or using a particular app, the battery takes a toll on the phone. During such times, a power bank will save you.

The Anker PowerCore 20100mAh Capacity offers you the high charging with the 4.8 amp. What’s more interesting is the design that is compact and impressive. Apart from the Anker, you can select the one, which fits your budget and requirements.

4. Nomad Battery Cable

Nomad battery cable is probably one of many accessories that you will never know how much you need it. Yes, you can always indulge in the usage of the power bank. However, with the nomad battery cable, the experience is on another level.

It is a pass-through charging cable, which works correctly as charging, and speeds up the power bank.

5. Expandable Storage

Since iPhone X is quite expensive, you might end up opting for 64 GB version. But, that is not enough. The latest iPhone offers you plenty of camera features like 4K recording, 240 fps slo-mo, and many more. Hence, the 64 GB will fill up fast.

That is why we suggest you buy the expandable storage or the Lighting supported flash drive. We highly suggest you have the Sandisk’s iXpand Flash Drive that helps you in offloading the data quickly from the iPhone.

6. Tile Mate

This isn’t a particular iPhone accessory, but Tile Mate helps you in finding the lost items. As long as your iPhone is in the Bluetooth range, then it definitely becomes possible to find the lost item.

The Tile Mate gives you the instant notification whenever the gadget comes in the nearby range. If you opt for the latest version of the Tile Mate, then there is a replaceable battery option that will almost last for a year. All it takes is creating the account through your phone, and get a subscription plan.

7. AppleCare+

Apple’s AppleCare + protection is worth investing. It largely depends upon what type of model you are selecting. Then, you can enroll yourself in the warranty program.

You will be receiving two years of the coverage for the battery life issues, and of course, the accidental damage coverage. AppleCare+ is an excellent way to protect the iPhone X.

8. Apple Watch

There’s no better watch than the Apple Watch that works perfectly with the iPhone X. it is an impeccable accessory that you cannot miss out in pairing it up with the latest iPhone.

It helps you in tracking down your fitness and meets the goals. The Apple Watch keeps the tab on the heart rate, swimming, counting the steps, and so much more.

9. Camera Lens Attachment

Even, though the latest iPhone has the best set of cameras, having an extra pair of camera lens attachment will enhance the look of pictures. For this, OlloClip is a good option that makes the photo quality certainly better.

There’s the fisheye, macro, and wide-angle lens that you can easily attach to the iPhone and click some wonderful pictures.

10. Apple Lightning to 3.5 – Millimeter Headphone Jack Adaptor

Last but not least comes the Apple Lightning Headphone Jack Adaptor. The latest iPhone does provide you with the adaptor. However, it is small in size, therefore, be ready to keep an extra pair in case misfortune comes in your way.

So, that was all about the top ten best accessories for the sensational iPhone X. Try them out and do let us know about your suggestions and thoughts in the comment section below.

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