TomTom shows the country at a standstill

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February 2, 2009

According to one of the best timed press releases in history, TomTom’s HD Traffic service was showing 388 incidents, totalling 1,086 miles of jams in the UK as at 08:28 GMT, after heavy snow fell throughout the night.

For once, it really was bad snow too – the worst since 1991 according to the BBC. Bad enough to halt every single London bus and badly affect public transport nationwide.

And this is where TomTom’s HD Traffic could have been a lifesaver (or the justification to stay at home). Updated every three minutes, owners would have quickly seen the 32 mile queue on the M25 between Watford and Reigate, or the 1 hour 27 minute delay between Fareham and the M3 interchange. Or, one of the many other incidents that means a lot of you could still be stuck on the roads now.

The HD Traffic service is available on the latest GO LIVE models, consisting of the 540, 740 and 940 devices. With the embedded SIM card, each model downloads realtime traffic information built up from data provided from a variety of sources – including data generated by the movements of Vodafone subscribers. Even your own TomTom is able to contribute towards this data. Users enjoy three months of the LIVE service free, and can then subscribe for £7.99 per month thereafter.

You can also view this information via the TomTom website.

More info: TomTom HD Traffic information

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