Three announces iPad pricing; offers far more data than Orange/T-Mobile

Jonathan Morris
December 3, 2010

Three has been quietly waiting to announce its pricing for the Apple iPad on contract, but has now revealed it will be bundling 15GB of mobile data per month, a huge increase on the allowance offered by Orange or T-Mobile.

Orange and T-Mobile is offering 1GB of mobile data, plus 1GB of quiet time (off-peak access) for £25 per month, or £27 if you’re not a existing customer. Orange is also offering unlimited Wi-Fi access with BT Openzone (but, with a 3GB fair use policy).

Three has made it more simple. £25 whether you have another Three contract or not, and 15GB of mobile data to use as you please. There’s no Wi-Fi access, but with such a huge allowance Three will probably argue that it’s not needed.

The prices are as follows – on a two-year contract at £25 per month:

  • Apple iPad Wi-Fi+3G 16GB – £199
  • Apple iPad Wi-Fi+3G 16GB – £249
  • Apple iPad Wi-Fi+3G 16GB – £349

You can also buy the iPad at full price (£529, £599 and £699 respectively) and opt for pay-as-you-go or a monthly rolling contract:

  • 1GB of mobile data – £7.50 per month
  • 10GB of mobile data – £15 per month
  • 1GB of mobile data for 30 days – £10 (prepay)
  • 3GB of mobile data for 30 days – £20 (prepay)

We wonder if Orange and T-Mobile will now revise its own tariffs?

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