Think you know your smartphone inside out? 99.8% can’t achieve full marks on this smartphone symbol quiz – how well will you do?

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July 26, 2019

  • Just three (of 1,500) participants scored 100%
  • The average participant scored 56%
  • Think you can spot the ‘real’ smartphone symbols from the ‘fake’? Test your knowledge with e2save’s ‘Smartphone Symbols’ quiz

Most people use a smartphone everyday, but how much do they actually know about the devices in their pockets? Not that much, according to new research1 from online smartphone retailer, e2save who tested smartphone users to determine how well they recognise the symbols displayed on their phones.

e2save created a selection of ‘fake’ smartphone symbols and placed them in a quiz alongside various ‘real’ symbols such as ‘NFC payments’ and ‘network strength’ to see whether or not participants could spot the genuine symbols from the false – it turns out just three people out of 1,500 (0.2%) knew all 12 correct answers!

What’s more only nine people (0.6% of respondents) scored 11/12, whilst 55 entrants achieved 10/12 (3.7%). Overall, the average score was 6.7, with people correctly guessing just over half of the symbols correctly.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly, younger participants fared better than their older counterparts. 18-24 year olds scored highest with an average score of 7.4, while millennials aged 25-34 averaged 7.

Baby boomers (aged 45 to 64), on average, scored 6.7, while the lowest scorers were pensioners, 65 years and above, averaging 6.2 correct answers.

Commenting on the research, Joe Linnington, mobile expert at e2save, said “Most of us have had a smartphone for the last decade, so it’s interesting how few people can tell real symbols from fake ones! Maybe we could all do with paying a little more attention to the tech we use everyday.”

So, do you think you could achieve 12/12 on e2save’s quiz? Click here to find out:

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