Think Tank reveals over 26,000 mobiles, tablets and laptops are lost on London transport

Matthew Cook
July 19, 2018

New research from the think tank Parliament Street has revealed that commuters lost over 26,000 electronic devices on London Transport network last year.

The report entitled Identity Crisis: The Risks of Personal Device Security published this week revealed that  26,272  devices were reported lost on busses, tubes and trains between April 2017 and April 2018.

The report also points out that there is a high risk of fraudulent activity and data loss for UK businesses when your device has been either stolen or lost on London transport.

The data also proved that most devices lost on the Transport For London (TFL) network are mobile phones with a overwhelming 23,453 devices handed over to TFL lost property alone.

Next in the lost list are laptops wtih 1,155 handed in, tablet computers reached 1,082 and 568 eReaders were reported in lost and found. Finally 10 drones and four Amazon echos were also reported lost.

Within the mobile category Apple iPhones top the list at 7,394 phones lost, with Samsung devices at a close second with 6,091 handsets reported lost. Nokia devices scored 3,012 handed in. 1,515 Alcatel mobile phones were also reported lost.

Topping the laptop lost list on TFL networks were Apple products at 337 devices reported lost, with Lenovo laptops having a lost report score of 201, right behind them HP had 194 devices reported lost.

Security specialist and  EMA Centrify CTO Barry Scott said: “With tens of thousands of electronic gadgets going missing every year, businesses need to wake-up to the fact that fraudsters will be attempting to gain access to critical information through lost or stolen devices.

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