The UK’s most popular phone – again – the Samsung Galaxy S3

Allan Swann
February 1, 2013

Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3, is the UK’s most popular phone for the ninth month in a row.

The news gets better for Samsung, as the company also holds spots two and three thanks to the success of its older models, the Galaxy Ace (the budget model) and former flagship the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The survey,’s Mobile Tracker, shows that Apple’s previous top gun, the iPhone 4S has slumped five spots to tenth place – while its new flagship, the iPhone 5 has slipped one place from sixth to seventh.

“The UK’s loyalty to brand Samsung is unwavering, but beyond that we’ve seen customers shaking-up the rankings, leaving Apple’s 4S for dust in favour of offerings from Nexus and Nokia,” said’s Ernest Doku.

Android remains the most popular operating system, with four phones in the top 10, including LG/Google’s Nexus 4, which sits in sixth place – it has dropped two spots however.

Nokia holds four places on the top 10, led by its two most popular feature phones, the Nokia 100 and the Nokia C2-01 – filling out fourth and fifth place. Both run Nokia’s now defunct Symbian operating system, but exist as proof that smartphones haven’t taken over the market completely as of yet.

“A swathe of bargain smartphones like the C2-01 have leapt back into the chart as a residual effect of gifting and January sales, whilst canny consumers also wait to see high-end devices around the corner,” said Doku.

“With the launch of a revamped BlackBerry in the full-touch flagship Z10 and Nokia’s Lumia 620 looking to disrupt the affordable end of the spectrum, expect some significant movement in the coming weeks ‘ not to mention major smartphone announcements amidst February’s Mobile World Congress.”

Nokia’s two Windows Phone 7 models the mid-range Lumia 800 and the budget Lumia 610 sit in eighth and ninth place respectively – the 610 jumping back into the top 10 (up four places). Its successor, the 620 was announced yesterday (see our First Look here).


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