The best crypto wallet apps for Android and Apple phones

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November 16, 2020

Without a doubt, one of the biggest changes to the financial markets in at least a century has been the advent of cryptocurrency back in 2009. 

With Bitcoin being the first coin, it remains one of the most sought after, though, there is a ton of others on the market too. Just like fiat currency, all of these coins need a safe place to be stored and that comes in the form of a digital wallet, or a hardware wallet. 

For newbies, it might be worth taking a look at a guide to withdrawing Bitcoin into a wallet because the process is a little different to a typical bank account. 

Either wallet type is fine for coins, though, when it comes to accessibility and ease of use, there are a few different avenues to go down. One of these is the crypto wallet app landscape on the iOS and Android platforms. 

If you’re looking to store your crypto assets on your phone, we have a list of the best crypto wallet apps for Android and iPhone below. 


The Copay wallet is the Bitcoin wallet that’s designed for iOS. However, there is still support for other devices through the application’s browser application. 

One of the biggest selling points of this crypto wallet is the design. Unlike a tonne of other wallets out there that focus on just ‘being a wallet,’ the Copay wallet is designed in a very user-friendly way. 

One thing to note is that our favourite design feature of Copay is the wallet’s hierarchy-focused design. You can instantly see when and what’s going on in the wallet without getting lost. 

And to end, security is top-notch, making it a great option to prevent hacking and theft. 


It isn’t too much of a surprise knowing that not very many people know a whole tonne about cryptocurrency trading, even those who do own coins. Which is where Jaxx comes in. 

The platform and wallet have been created explicitly to guide users into understanding what’s going on in their wallets and with their investments — right from their phone. The team behind Jaxx has a clear focus on adding extras and implementing UX design elements that ensure you don’t get lost or confused when trading or storing coins. 

A new feature has also been integrated into Jaxx recently that allows cross-platform pairing, essentially improving coin support for users. 


Getting extra brownie points for its odd name choice, Bread is a crypto wallet for iPhone and Android that’s another great choice for beginners. 

It may not have the intuitive design as down pat as some of the other wallets on our list, though it does have a fundamental focus on security that beats out a lot of the competition. 

We would suggest this cryptocurrency wallet for all traders from beginner to advanced as there is a simple design for newbies, but still plenty of advanced features for those who want a little extra from the wallet. 


A winner in our book for the zero-fee setup and use, Airbitz is the digital asset wallet for those on iOS. 

Although somewhat disappointingly, a lot of crypto wallets charge fees for using their service, mainly to keep on top of security. Though Airbitz takes one for the team and keeps the service entirely free to use — and there’s a great experience too. 

When you first open the wallet, the design is fantastic and simple to understand and there are routine updates based on user feedback that helps the wallet to improve even further. There is a top-tier focus on security here too, so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to long-term storage of coins. 

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