The 10 Absolute Best Time Tracking Apps of 2020

Lori Wade
May 14, 2020

Our life is much easier now, thanks to the different apps and software developed by experts. Time tracking tools are designed to track the way the user spends time every day. These apps run continuously, monitoring the user activities online and offline to help boost the productivity of the user, and stay away from distractions while working. 

Sometimes people consume more time on certain tasks when in fact they could have completed it faster. A survey showed that many professionals are spending around three hours just to check on their emails. The utilization of time tracking software can help them monitor their activities and complete them on time. 

Listed below are 10 absolute best time tracking apps of 2020 that will improve your business employee attendance management system.

Best time tracking apps of 2020



This application tracks time and creates comprehensive reports. It is recognized by many as the best productivity-boosting tool. One can effectively divide the working hours according to the number of jobs and projects you have in a day. 

The good thing about this app is it can be integrated into other apps and programs like FreshBooks, SalesForce, Google drive, and others. Furthermore, this app is available on various platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and macOS even on Chrome Plugins and Firefox.


Timenotes is a free task tracker app with straightforward and smart design. Tracking task is easier thanks to this helpful app. The app also allows you to determine who worked has on a certain task and when it is completed. The app combines simple design and powerful features to monitor the task daily. 

Timenotes works by gathering time and tasks using smart timesheets and reporting. Timenotes can assist you in managing your profits and costs by assigning budgets for the projects and also in compensating the time consumed by each time member. 

Time Doctor


In case the company is aiming to increase the yield significantly, Time Doctor App can help you achieve this. The app can control or manage outsourced workers easier because of the intuitive UI in TD. It is available on different platforms such as Mac, MS Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. 

You can take advantage of some smart features of Time Doctor like screenshot recording and monitoring, invoicing, reporting, work session monitoring, reminders, and others. You can check the sites and apps viewed while working. 


If you need software that can accurately record the time consumed on a certain task, HoursTracker is an excellent choice. The application can be a solution to reports done manually. It can easily trace the task time and compensations of your employee, and also their breaks, disbursement schedules, and the business expenses. 



With its user-friendly interface, your employees can record the time in and out instantly. The software can automatically trail the number of hours from the moment you arrive or leave their working area. 



This application uses an alternative approach to track time. Your workers can use Timely as a time monitoring and at the same as a calendar because it is integrated. Your staff can effectively plan their future projects and start the software accordingly. 

With this, you will be able to determine how fruitful your staffs are by comparing the time spent on a particular task with the estimated hours for that work. One can use the timesheet application for iOS in tracking all the projects. 

Qlaqs Pro


Qlaqs Pro version for iOS can track projects, employees, and tasks. Determining the project’s tasks and rates is easy using this app. Also, multiple timers are displayed on one screen. You can easily download the timesheets in PDF format for your recording. This app includes tasks, time entries, and unlimited projects. 


ATracker is yet another user-friendly app with all the features you need. The app can monitor your employee’s daily work with its widget. With the report of ATracker, you can check what tasks your employees spend most of their time. The system allows the implementation network sync through Dropbox, so you will have daily automatic backups. 


Tracking Time

This app is a time management tool to track hours your employee spent on projects. With the help of Tracking Time, you will be able to gauge your team’s productivity by displaying the time they consume on different tasks. 

The reports are quite comprehensive and navigation is easy. The number of hours and the tasks each employee worked on, including the total amount they earned is logged.



This time tracking app is one of the best in the market today and you can access it on your mobile. Some of its interesting features include detailed reports, a visual timeline, and smart reminders. It is somewhat similar to Toggl, it also has a widget that lets the employees track their work with just one click. Although this app lacks some features that other apps have such as tracking time off, payments, and timesheet approvals, it is a good app for iOS.



If you are looking for a time tracking app that you can use on different platforms like time, web, and mobile, the TSheets is a good app. The primary components of this app are shifting schedule and GPS location tracking

You can track the time from the iOS app, begin their route, and record the time after work. This data is then forwarded to the owners and managers to check and plan on what changes they need to do for their business. Also, the team members can take pictures while working with timestamps.  

Final thoughts

With these time tracking apps managing yours and your employee’s time are easy and effective. It will help boost your productivity and profitability at work.

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