Tesco Mobile offers cheapest UK iPhone deals

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December 10, 2009

The iPhone 3G and 3GS will be available on tariffs starting at just £20 per month, and Tesco will also keep upgraders happy by offering a 12 month contract – the first for an iPhone in the UK.

For a one off cost of £222, customers can get an iPhone 3G (8GB) on the £20 per month tariff, with £60 of flexible credit to spend as they choose.

In addition, Tesco Mobile is offering the iPhone 3GS (16GB model) for free on a £60 per month 2-year contract, with unlimited calls, unlimited texts and Internet.

All Tesco Mobile iPhone customers get at least one year of access to BT’s OpenZone Wi-Fi service within the UK.

Tesco will offer the iPhone from the growing number of Tesco Phone Shops and the Tesco Direct website.

More info: Tesco Mobile iPhone


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