Tesco Mobile offering iPhone on 12-month contracts

Jonathan Morris
April 12, 2010

The new £35 per month, one year contract, comes with unlimited texts, data and Wi-Fi, plus 750 voice minutes.

Pricing for the 12-month contract offering:

  • iPhone 3G (8GB) – £100
  • iPhone 3GS (16GB) – £200
  • iPhone 3GS (32GB) – £275


A £45 tariff is available with unlimited voice minutes, texts, data and Wi-Fi, plus a free iPhone 3GS (16GB). However, you will need to sign up to a 24-month contract. This means a total cost of ownership of £1080.

More info: Tesco Mobile iPhone


Apple recently announced iPhone OS 4.0 with a range of new features including multitasking. Only the iPhone 3GS models can be upgraded.

A new iPhone is likely to be announced in June, most likely with a higher screen resolution and improved camera, but given that the price is likely to be much higher, a 12-month contract on an existing iPhone 3GS may still represent an excellent deal.


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