Tech That Improves Your Operations: Board Portal Software

Michael Adams
July 29, 2019

Every company searches for new ways to improve, and one of the places they often look to is technology. It’s an exciting time for tech enthusiasts, with new innovations and apps regularly hitting the market.

However, it’s important for all kinds of organisations to not get distracted by the inventions that are only dazzling or cool, and instead to focus on technology that delivers results. Technology that costs more than the value it brings you, that’s difficult and time consuming to set up, and that doesn’t really make a positive impact can actually cost you. On the flip side, technology that makes your operations more efficient and effective gives your organisation a good boost.

Here is how board portal software can help to substantially improve your company’s operations.

Modern, Seamless Communication

One of the ironies of modern technology is that sometimes the abundance of communication tools actually makes staying connected more confusing. Board portal software centralises communication by creating one place for all directors to communicate, using whatever device they want.

There’ll no longer be any need to go back and forth between email and text messag. All directors will be able to access the software through their laptop, desktop, or tablet. No matter where directors are located in the world, they’ll have everything they need to share, read, and annotate their board materials.

There are even features like automated agenda creators, administrator DIY tools to add or remove committees and directors, and reports to track board activity. For more tips on how to evaluate a board portal in 2019 read the latest comparisons, as this software can range in quality considerably.

Reliable, Robust Security

What good is software if it isn’t fundamentally secure? Given all the high profile hacks of multinational corporations and even prominent political parties, it’s understandable that there’s a greater demand for better cyber security.

Board portal software is highly encrypted, and industry leaders always store information on servers which adhere to independent third-party security certifications. Also, board portal software offers role-based permissions, so you have total control over who in your organisation has access to what.

In the event that a company-issued device goes missing, all of its board data can be wiped remotely. This goes a long way towards preventing a breach. If the director with the missing device needs to access important board documents, they can simply log in from any other device. Board portal software is cloud-based, so you’ll never be interrupted operationally even if there’s an emergency.

Excellent Service

The best board portal services are easy and intuitive to use, but if you run into snags or have any questions, there should be personalised, 24/7 customer service available by phone or email. Not only should an actual operator to pick up the phone, but they should also already be familiar with your company.

It can feel overwhelming sometimes when you’re trying to assess so many new inventions to determine which one best serves your needs. But every company needs to keep its top people connected securely, and no new technology delivers all this better than board portal software.

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