tado° V3+ Smart Thermostat Starter Kit brings simplicity, comfort and accessibility for a healthy home climate

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January 23, 2020

With a sleek, comprehensive and informative App and regular updates along with an Air Comfort Skill, the tado° is the smart home essential

tado°, the leader in home climate management, introduces its Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (V3+) offering an all in one solution to control heating and improve wellbeing in the home. An intuitive device packed full of features it stands out from the competition and is the ideal starter device or addition to any smart home set up. Designed to save both energy and costs (by up to 31%), tado° are so confident in this claim that it provides a 12 months money-back guarantee so if a user doesn’t save within the first 12 months, they can get their money back, no questions asked. The Smart Thermostat Starter Kit is available to buy from tado° or Amazon with an RRP of £199.99 or £219.99 with the Hot Water Control included.


An easy setup, tado° can be quickly and simply installed without the need for professional help and can be done through simply replacing an existing wired room thermostat, using as a wireless room thermostat and can be used to control multiple rooms. Aiming to work in any smart home, tado° has ensured that its product is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa as well as Apple Homekit giving an option for those who have opted for the Apple smart home route. Not only this, individual radiator thermostats can also be purchased enabling users to easily create multi-room systems unlike other thermostats on the market.

tado° App

The new app, available on iOS and Android, provides the ultimate control for users allowing them to manage heating schedules through any smartphone. Simple to use and understand, the tado° app shows how warm it is at home, when the heating is on and how much users are saving. The heating can also be controlled remotely so if the heating has been accidentally left on, it can be simply and quickly turned off. Using the Geolocation feature, tado° uses the resident’s locations to control the heating so that, when nobody is at home, it is saving money and energy and can begin to heat the home when the first person is on their way back.

Along with this, the app also includes Weather Adaptation based on relevant weather forecasts to predict how much heat is needed as well as Open Window Detection, Smart Schedules and Insightful Reports.  The app is specifically designed so that customers can personalise it by activating the individual features they would like to use.

Air Comfort

The Air Comfort Skill is a key part of the app for the V3+ product suite bringing a beneficial, wellbeing aspect. This feature helps users to achieve healthier indoor air, thus improving productivity and ensuring a better quality of sleep. By giving insights into the home’s air climate and providing concrete, meaningful and actionable advice on how to achieve more comfort as well as tips to help to prevent health risks such as mould, tado° aims to benefit the long-term health of users, not just to save homeowners from a financial perspective.

This advice can be as simple as when and for how long to open windows or tips on how to reduce humidity. Recommendations will vary depending on the room in question whilst factors such as the air freshness inside, presence of people and weather will also impact on any advice given. Not only is tado° affected by indoor air and behaviours, the app can now track what kind of pollutants and pollen are in the air. Giving real-time and predictive data as well as insights on air quality can help people to reduce the poor air they’re breathing. tado° users can now see the Air Quality Index (AQI) score outside their home, the most significant pollutants in their environment and pollen forecasts on grasses, weeds and trees to help them to manage their day and act upon the information as relevant.

“Our users, like the wider public, are concerned about what kind of air they are breathing,” explains tado° Co-founder and CPO Christian Deilmann. “Our Smart Thermostats, apps and software are dedicated to delivering the perfect climate at home – comfortable, energy efficient, and of course healthy.”

V3+ Starter Kit and Add-Ons

The V3+ Smart Thermostat Starter Kit retails for £199.99, while the Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit with one Smart Radiator Thermostat included, is priced at £219.99. Further heating products are available in single or multi packs to enable individual room control. Saving up to 31% on your heating bill, tado° Smart Thermostats pay for themselves within the first year. Passionate about making sure that its customers are content and getting the value and benefits that tado° designed the product for, it not only offers the money back guarantee but also the tado° Care service offering instant support if a problem occurs and the ability to connect to local boiler repair services.

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