Table Top Racing is our game of the month – January Game Reviews

Allan Swann
February 7, 2013

Table Top Racing
£1.99 on Apple iOS

An excellent racer from UK based Playrise (members of which worked on famed Playstation racer Wipeout) – think of a cross between Micro Machines and Mario Kart, with some pretty graphics. Plenty of game modes, simple controls (steering and power ups – that’s it) and very, very addictive. The AI throws down a decent challenge too. Game of the month.

5star 100px




gesundheit 200

Stunning art design here

£1.99 on Apple iOS
A bizarre little game with some of the best graphics seen on Apple’s platform. The goal is to collect stars while avoiding enemies and pressing switches – by shooting your snot. Yes really. Strategy is required, and while there are the odd moments where your sneezing piggy gets stuck on a wall, great fun for the whole family. And don’t forget those amazing cardboard art graphics.

4star 100px


Temple Run 2_1

The classic stays… well, classic.

Temple Run 2
Free on Apple iOS and Android

The endless running game is back with a graphics upgrade (see our full story here). Guy Dangerous is now running away (while collecting coins) from an oversized ape-creature with lame lines, as opposed to the smart-quipping demon monkeys from the first game. There’s more obvious opportunities for upgrades but also more pay-to-play options.   New levels include a wagon cart section reminiscent of amusement park rides but it makes for an interesting change. All in all, an enjoyable upgrade on the first version.

5star 100px




A pretty disappointing cash in effort really.

Free on Apple iOS

A sort of Ghostbusters game for kids, this offering tries hard to capture the humour of the films. Admittedly a hard task, the game falls short for adults but does include references for the fans.   While free, the game charges for in-app content and some have complained that the game is too hard to complete without spending. Neat graphics, it’s quite fun in terms of collecting resources (slime) and researching ghosts.

3star 100px




banana kong

Because Monkeys are just awesome ok?

Banana Kong
69p on Apple iOS

Nothing terribly original here – this belongs in the ‘run til you die’ category of 2D side scrolling platformers that have been made popular via games such as Jetpack Joyride. It plays quite a lot like Nintendo classic, Donkey Kong Country and should provide a few minutes of entertainment here and there – it certainly is a tough one.

4star 100px



Trust me, it's nowhere near as interesting as this image would suggest.

Trust me, it’s nowhere near as interesting as this image would suggest.

Final Fantasy:  All the Bravest
£2.49 on Apple iOS


The classic RPG series gets a new lease of life on iOS – unfortunately, it’s absolutely rubbish, a money grubbing attempt to rip off loyal fans . Battles consist of little more than button bashing, while almost every upgrade or feature has to be purchased (with real world cash) in its store – avoid.

1star 100px




The AI is way too easy...

The AI is way too easy…

Beach Buggy Blitz
Free on Google Android and Apple iOS


Another Mario Kart-esque cartoon racer from the team behind the successful Riptide GP racer. Power-ups, destructible environments and cute graphics make it great fun, but in app purchases and AI that is a bit too easy marr an otherwise solid game.

4star 100px


radiant defenseRadiant Defense
Free on BlackBerry 10

Yet another tower defense game, Radiant Defense boasts some pretty art design and a decent challenge, especially at the later levels. A launch title for BlackBerry 10 (see our review and feature on page 40), the game involves placing your defensive tools (such as cannons) to block the encroachment of alien forces. Nothing too new in terms of concept, but a pretty good execution.

3star 100px

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