Spotify app now available on Windows Phone 8

Alex Walls
February 11, 2013

At last! Spotify is now available on Windows Phone 8.

The app has been missing from Windows Phone 8 since its release, despite being available on Windows Phone 7.   In November, a Spotify spokesman said the company was working on getting the app to Windows Phone 8, PCMag reported.

The music streaming app was in beta and had millions of tracks to add to a user’s library, the Microsoft blog said.

It allowed users to create their own playlists, or browse others, as well as allowing users to download and enjoy playlists offline, with tracks added to a playlist available to your phone and PC.

The app will compete directly with Nokia’s own Music, an app which allows users to browse mix radio playlists and download a certain amount for offline listening – but is free.

Spotify’s beta is free and the service itself is free for the first 30 days, after which the premium service costs $US9.99 a month.


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