‘Space Black’ iPhone 7 – a return to the dark side?

Manny Pham
June 29, 2016

A ‘Space Black’ iPhone 7 could be on the cards as Apple may return to the colour scheme last seen in 2012. A new ‘Deep Blue’ could also see a debut.

Colour is a monumental decision to make after you’ve trawled through countless reviews on your decided handset. Your smartphone is a reflection of you and it is not a decision to be made lightly.

Well it looks like you’ll have two new options come September, when Apple finally announces the iPhone 7, and complete the final flagship jigsaw.

‘Space Black’ is a debatable name, sure it sounds immense but really black is black with the hue depending on the material of the body (the iPhone 7 will almost definitely feature the tried and tested aluminium). However we could be seeing the same finish used on the Apple Watch, for the ‘Space Black’ iPhone 7.

Apple cut ‘Space Black’ from the roster when launching the iPhone 5s. It was last seen on the iPhone 5 in 2012 (below). A source revealed the return to ‘Space Black’ to 9to5Mac – but it seems the source is not that credible, the only weight behind the source is their IP address being close to Apple HQ.

iphone 5

A new challenger

Another rumour floating around is the addition of a new ‘Deep Blue’ colour for the iPhone 7. Apple has of course given debuts to new colour schemes in the past, with the most recent being ‘Rose Gold.’

Apple’s adoption of ‘Rose Gold’ saw other manufacturers also adopting the glossy pinkish colour scheme. The most recent major release to feature in ‘Rose Gold’ is the new Sony Xperia X.

iphone deep blue

‘Deep Blue’ is proving to be a popular choice with plenty of fans hopeful for Apple to announce the brand new colour for the iPhone 7.

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