Sony HMZ-T3W head-mounted display up for US pre-orders, costs $999

Jordan O'Brien
October 8, 2013

Many people have been unable to get their hands on Google Glass, and that’s because as of yet they’re still not available to the public. That’s okay though as Sony’s alternative to Glass, the Sony HMZ-T3W has now begun taking pre-orders in the US.

Whilst the HMZ-T3W is a lot different than Google Glass, with a focus on portable entertainment, you will look even more futuristic with the large goggles placed on your face. Whilst we were at IFA last month we got a chance to play with them ourselves and we found them to be rather uncomfortable.

If you want to look terribly futuristic yet don’t mind a little discomfort, then Sony will happily take your money as long as you live in the US — but the company is demanding a cool $999 for the privilege of owning a pair.

The HMZ-T3W isn’t the first head-mounted display that Sony has tried to flog to the public, and is in fact the third iteration of the technology. Sony claims that it will give users the experience of sitting 65 feet away from 750-inch screen, which may not be needed but is an incredibly cool thing to experience.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the US and have large amounts of money lying around, then your pre-order  for the HMZ-T3W should arrive as early as next month.

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