Slimmer iPad Air achieved through LED cutbacks

Jamie Feltham
November 6, 2013

So just how did Apple make the slimmer iPad Air? Not by starving the poor things.

Instead, the company cutback on the number and size of the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) within the newest tablet, a new report from IHS iSuppli suggests. Apparently the number of LEDs has been reduced from 84 in previous models to 36 in this one.

That also has a big impact on power requirements, allowing for a smaller capacity battery that suits the device just fine.

Apparently the display and touch-screen subsystems have also been reduced in size. So there’s quite a lot that’s gone into making the device smaller. And that’s how to make a slimmer iPad Air. Now try it for yourself (disclaimer: don’t actually do that).

The iPad Air launched on November 1st. We’re still waiting on a release date for the iPad Mini.

Source: CNET

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