Sky Mobile lets you cash in unused mobile data for savings on new phones, tablets and accessories

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July 20, 2018

Imagine if you filled your car with fuel, only used half a tank and then had to throw the rest away before being able to full up again. That would be annoying – and expensive. But that’s just what mobile networks have been doing with their data plans by not letting you roll over unused minutes from one month to the next.

Sky Mobile, the relatively new mobile virtual network operator, has come up with a clever way to overcome this situation. It has brought out a scheme called Piggybank Rewards that lets you bank the money you’ve paid for unused data and put it towards a new phone, tablet, or accessories. Unused data will be automatically rolling into a customer’s Sky Piggybank offering up to £50 off any device or accessory when they cash in their Sky Piggybank data. They can check their balance, browse their rewards, and cash in via, over the phone, and soon via the My Sky app.

The rewards will change each month. For example in July, customers can cash in from 5GB of unused data for a range of iPhone cases and 20GB for a JBL GO 2 Portable Speaker. Unused data can be banked and saved for up to three years. Customers can also share the data stored in their Piggybank between five different SIMs, so parents can gift any rolled over data to children and others family members when they need a top up.

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